When looking for your next office job, you might think that the best approach is to get online and start sifting through job postings on the typical websites, like Workopolis, Career Builder, and Indeed. But if you’ve ever taken this route before, you know that it’s nearly futile. Everyone else is doing it too, so there is a lot of competition. Each job posting gets hundreds of resumes, and yours gets lost in the sea of other applications.

Unfortunately, when the only method you are using in your job search is checking out online job boards and emailing out your applications, you’re going to have a tough time getting work. You will likely continue to be unemployed for months, without so much as a call back. The typical job search takes 16 weeks to complete—and that’s time that you really can’t spare when you have bills to pay.

What if we told you there was a faster way for you to get a job? A way to cut through the competition? A way to find new job opportunities you can’t find online? A way to get the help and support you need on your job search?

We’re not just pulling your leg. There’s one simple step that will lead to all of these benefits—applying to a staffing firm to find your next office job.

Here’s why you should leave your job search in the hands of the professionals.

They’ll Do the Legwork
You probably don’t enjoy spending hours and hours on various job hunting websites looking for adequate office positions to apply for. You probably don’t like having to research all the companies you’re interested in to see if they have open positions available. It probably makes you nervous to call up hiring managers. You probably waste a lot of time sending out resumes and never hearing back.

When you work with a staffing agency, your recruiters will do all of this legwork—for free! You won’t have to look up job openings at all, you won’t have to make initial contact with hiring managers, and you won’t have to send out any applications. Plus you’ll even get help with your resume and interview tips and tricks to help you land a job.

They’ll Give You a Great Recommendation
One of the most effective ways to get an interview and get hired is to be personally recommended by someone that the hiring manager knows. If you don’t know anyone inside the companies that you’re interested in working at, you don’t have to worry.

Recruiters have great relationships with hiring managers at their client companies. And these managers really trust their judgement. So when your recruiter tells someone to put your application at the top of the list and to really give you a shot at an interview, chances are, that person is going to listen and more seriously consider you as a candidate. Finding work through a staffing firm allows you to get the personal referral you need to make an impression and move through the hiring process.

They Give You Access to Exclusive Opportunities
When you apply to a staffing firm to find your next office job, you’ll gain access to exclusive opportunities. When you look online for work, you probably see the same positions at the same companies being recycled over and over again. But some companies don’t advertise their open office positions anywhere—they find their new hires through their staffing firm. So when you’re part of that staffing firm’s candidate pool, you’ll be able to apply to new job opportunities that you wouldn’t even have known about otherwise. Plus, because these jobs aren’t advertised online, you won’t be up against so much competition, meaning it’ll be easier for you to get the job so you can start working right away.

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